Our History

Gibraltar Arms started with the purpose of exporting tactical shotguns for a local company.  We quickly discovered many U.S. manufacturers want to export but are unwilling to venture into overseas sales.  Our international contacts and high level of service have resulted in very successful partnerships with both U.S. manufacturers, distributors and international buyers.

We are seeking U.S. manufacturers of all sizes and international distributors alike.  Both domestic and international partners have built valued, profitable, and trusted relationships through Gibraltar Arms.


Experienced Exporter

Gibraltar Arms makes a firm commitment with our buyers and export customers to comply with all U.S. rules, regulations and laws.

We do it right. We do it legally.

We assist our overseas clients with paperwork to successfully receive an export permit and ultimately, the products their clients demand.  U.S. manufacturers are released of the liability of exporting as Gibraltar Arms purchases products from them and ships under the Gibraltar Arms company name.


Building Trust

Gibraltar Arms international distributors know they can trust and count on us to have the proper export and import permits. They know their shipments won’t be seized or delayed in their own country because we took shortcuts or made questionable choices. Working with Gibraltar Arms ensures exceptional communication from start to finish and the know how to deliver what is promised.